Essential things to know about clients’ rights in interior design in Singapore

Prior to hiring an interior designer or renovation contractor, it is a must for all clients to know about their rights. Dishonesty is one of the clients’ most common complaints when it comes to interior design Singapore. Usually, many clients fall into different gimmicks such as extra costs to the project, vague terms of the contract, and verbal promises. As a client of interior design Singapore, every client deserves the highest quality of service. To avoid getting ripped off, here are essential details that clients should know about their rights in interior design Singapore:


After hiring a contractor or interior designer, beware of schemes like being asked upfront for full-payment. It is better to be careful than sorry.  Aside from that, discuss project terms with the designer or a representative from a renovation contractor Singapore. Be sure to include details such as the total cost of the project, materials used, work timeframe, and interior design desired. All of these things should be written, comprehensively and clearly, in a contract. When it comes to the contract for interior design Singapore, the contractor representative or interior designer should make sure that the client understands every single detail. If ever the client cannot understand a single aspect of the contract, he or she can ask for the terms to be rewritten. Aside from that, many designers and contractors promise several things about the project – but only verbally. Be clever enough to ask such promises to be included in the contract.


A client who hires an expert in interior design Singapore should also ask for the drafted schedule of the project. With this, the client can monitor the progress of the work. Also, this allows the client to check if the contractor or designer can finish the project on or before the deadline. Scheduled visits at the site can be done as well. This is to ensure that the finished work meets the client’s expectations.


After all the work has been done in interior design Singapore, the project team and the client visit the site. During this stage, the client can check the whole place to see if it fits the envisioned look of the site. Also, if the client finds some defective structures within the area or doesn’t like some details, a request for changes can be made.


Interior design Singapore seeks to provide clients with the best services. All of the clients of ID in Singapore have the right to be given the highest quality of output.