Design Trends for Modern Spaces According to Interior Design Singapore


As many homeowners are now embracing the idea of a highly-urbanized lifestyle, a lot of contractors for interior design Singapore have been receiving projects with concepts that are heavily inspired by modern design elements. Living in a progressive city generally brings about a kind of aesthetics that also benefit the use of space and furnishings. In the past, it used to be heavy furniture, solid wall paints and antiques which describe a typical home. With the increasing interest in the use of contemporary elements, several reputable companies that specialize in interior design have started to update their portfolios to include the modern themes for those who are looking for a new approach in home renovation.

Whether you are currently living in a condo, an apartment or a two-storey house, you can easily transform it into a modern living space through the help of an established Singapore interior designer. By expounding on your ideas, your contractor can give you several design proposals for you to choose from. A lot of projects that have been contracted by companies specializing in interior design Singapore have collected concepts in popular home renovations to allow their clients to easily obtain design inspirations. Here are some of the mainstay elements which contribute to the creation of a modern home according to top Singapore interior design experts:

  • Sleek upholstery – Gone are the days of furniture that needs heavy lifting and takes up a lot of floor area. Contractors for interior design in Singapore typically recommend the use contemporary chairs and couches for creating an illusion of a larger space. Often the color palette for modern upholstery includes black, cream and white. The materials used are generally leather and similar fabrics having a smooth surface.
  • Stainless steel and glass – Stainless steel, being a regular feature in most commercial spaces, suggests an upscale feel when incorporated in a modern home. On the other hand, glass reflections due to artificial lights further enhance the visual expansion of a room, no matter how small it really is.
  • Wood and stone flooring – According to several companies specializing in interior design decorating, wood and stone are popular choices for modern spaces due to their natural look which provides a good contrast to the otherwise “stiff” minimalistic decors. Faux wood and stone tiles are also being used as inexpensive substitutes.

Since modern design principles often favor minimalism or the “clutter-free look”, it is possible for those who are planning to hire contractors in interior design Singapore to be able to save more money in this renovation project compared to recreating a traditional home.