How To Deal With Limited Living Space Through Interior Design Singapore

Many homeowners encounter problems in making their small living space look larger. This is usually the case in the owners of shoebox apartments or small homes. Interior design can help in solving this particular problem. Experts in this field of work can enhance the overall look of the living space without compromising its functionality. Interior design Singapore can provide exceptional ideas to liven up the ambiance and bring out the best out of a living space.


There are various ways to deal with limited living space with the aid of interior design Singapore. Here are some useful suggestions that may be incorporated when working with an interior designer:


Look for the right furniture. With double-duty furniture, clutter in the house could be decreased. Go for furniture pieces such as a bed with storage beneath the mattress or bookshelves that could be placed on the sides of the bed. If there are any specific designs for multi-functional furniture, it can be included in the planning of the interior design Singapore. Also, open shelves can be beneficial in creating an illusion of open space. On these shelves, some of the homeowners’ favourite items can be placed to add with the beauty of the living space. Creative partitions are useful in maximizing the space as well. This enables the room to look more spacious and less constricted.


Choose the proper wall designs. In interior design Singapore, innovative ideas can be established through collaboration between the homeowners and the interior designer. An efficient interior design Singapore involves the use of the right colors to go along with walls. The use of too many colors in a room can cause a cramped look. So, it is advised to use dark paint colors to make the room look larger. The ceilings should also be painted with light tones to create an open space. Another creative idea is the incorporation of wall coverings, artworks, or glass. With the use of these items, the room can appear more spacious. When it comes to interior design Singapore, an important consideration in wall coverings is the maintenance of symmetry. It must give the balanced look to achieve a sense of flow.


Play it up with right carpets and rugs. Don’t be afraid to use carpets and rugs in a small living space. Most people have the misconception that carpets and rugs are not recommended for limited spaces. But the truth is that the right carpets and rugs can enhance a room’s visual space. Experts in interior design Singapore are very aware that these can do the trick. Choose the rugs and carpets with light colors such as tan or beige. Also, go for the round and oval shaped ones. Then, put them under the furniture which is away from the walls. A good example is the dining table.


With these suggestions commonly used in interior design Singapore, a homeowner does not have to put if with feeling cramped even in a small living space.