Cost of Singapore Interior Design Services



Singapore Interior Designer services are paid according to the extent of renovation and makeover required. It also follows a certain cost structure. It is important for home owners to know about this structure in order to deal with the interior designer professionally. Clients should ask or call beforehand about their fees and how they should be paid. Even before the initial consultation, it is important to have done a little research about the interior designer and the firm.

The interior designer Singapore fees begin with the initial consultation. This means that the first meeting between the clients and interior designer will have a corresponding payment. Thus when a client rings in for an appointment with the interior designer, he or she should ask for the amount of the initial consultation fee as well. This inquiry is important as there may be some interior design Singapore firms that will not be charging for such meeting at all.

The retainer fee is another kind of payment that is asked by certain interior design Singapore firms. Retainer fees are usually rated according to the agreement that has been made between the clients and interior designer after their first meeting. The fee is based on the scope of work and time required from the planning stages to the execution of the project. This kind of fee will vary according to the expertise of the interior designer. For such fee, the designer’s services will be needed when she is called for consultation and minimal interior design work.

A project based fee is given to interior design Singapore firms that base their fee according to cost of the project. The firm will initially determine the fee of the project according to the number of hours, project scope and other matters. This fee varies from project to project so it is important to be aware of the project fee before clients sign or commit to anything.

Interior design Singapore firm employees may earn retail commission based on profit or the likes. Another kind of fee that interior designers earn is computed according the square footage of the home or work space. This means that the fee will naturally be bigger when they do interior design for bigger spaces.

There are indeed many kinds of fees for interior design Singapore services. What is important is to do a considerable amount of research on the subject of interior design and on the interior design firms that one wants to hire. This will make the first meeting so much more fruitful.