Some Colors Meant Business

Elegance and style will always be classic descriptions attributed to black, making it a classic choice in color for interior design Singapore.

In Interior design Singapore, designers usually find a way to make an office look formal. No wonder some salons, despite the colorful products they apply on your face and hair, they still choose a black motif per advice of their chosen interior designer. No other piece of furniture even in interior design Singapore ever demanded such a serious treatment such as the black swivel chair atop a black marbled floor with a tall full-length mirror to give you an idea what needs to be corrected on your appearance, even just your crowning glory. Interior design Singapore is so aware of how much power a salon’s look has on their clients. A killer color combination (mostly black) is typically utilized in salons, enabling the integration of artistry and synergy.

The interiors may have been ranging between black and other darker colors but windows should be wide enough to let a large amount of sunlight to come in during the day. Big lights hanging atop white lamps should provide the bulk of light in the room during the evening. When it comes to interior design Singapore, worth noting is the consistency in the use of black to define a salon that also serves as a cosmetic outlet. The chairs where clients sit while waiting for their turn for hair and make-up are in marble black. The throw pillows are also in black but they have zebra prints so as not to make them too black for the chairs. The bold letters written on the glass panes are also in black to emphasize the name of the establishment. If it is an Asian brand using a different set of characters, there should be a subheading that shows the brand name in English fonts to create an impact to English-speaking clients regarding name-recall. Interior design Singapore’s clientele is not exclusive to Singapore locals. It extends beyond the city-state’s borders, even beyond Asia.

If there is one aspect of Asian culture that the Western media is hyping about, it’s the way interiors are designed as well. Interior design Singapore infuses the rich Asian culture real well into the details that brings authenticity and appeal to most Westerners. Chances are it is the feng shui infused into the design that gave the overall look a positive vibe. The interior designer then produces a feeling where clients feel good with the settings as well.

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