When Colors Follow a Scheme

If you could picture a refurbished bedroom with new colors as opposed to what you are used to, interior design Singapore highly recommends opposing shades.


A contrast of colors in interior design Singapore could enhance the look in a room. Let’s take for example your bedroom. Let’s start with interior design Singapore from there. Dark chocolate curtains stand out as they hung on a cream-colored wall. If the curtains are tied aside to let some sunshine in, a glass window with cream frames would complement the wall where they are hung. Under the window would be a couch in deep wooden shades with throw pillows in ecru. The ceiling would be matching the curtain in dark chocolate with some lamps hanging to light the room, painted in light coffee with charcoal grey side trimmings. The bed would be covered in off white with a couple of pillows on top of it in dark chestnut brown. The blanket would be in a medium palette of coffee. Interior design Singapore not only relies on earth tones. The shades should not be too close to one another color-wise or it would defy what contrasting colors really should be. A blanket in shades of milk chocolate with white spots the shape of marshmallows would be nice in interior design Singapore.


In the living room, the interior designer may find it a lot easier to highlight the cream colored throw pillows when the couch is in dark chocolate. The long sofa would be the centerpiece and the short sofas on either side or the cream table in front would serve as its accessories. Interior design Singapore’s preference is cushioned furniture as long as it follows a color scheme. But contrast surfaces on the overall look of the living room whenever the items are highlighted. Going back to the living room, the plasma TV that faced the long sofa would be hung on a wall painted in cream since the slate where the TV is hung is made up of off-white marble bright enough to highlight the item hung on it.


In interior design Singapore, the dining area may be in the kitchen too to maximize the limited space. But there should be an area by the sink where you could chop some meat and vegetables before cooking them on the dark charcoal grey stove. If the cabinets above the sink are mostly in tones between copper and black coffee, the tiles on the chopping space beside the sink should be colored dark chestnut with some white grain-like spots. This would complement the wicker dining set varnished in a natural shade to maintain the organic look in interior design Singapore.


Contact your nearest interior design Singapore agent and see what can the resident interior designer offer you.