Clever Interior Design Singapore Ideas to Make Small Rooms Bigger

Not all homeowners have the luxury of space. Among the biggest issues that city dwellers face is working with a small space. The challenge here is to maximize what is available yet avoiding making it look too confined and uncomfortable. With this said, below are a few interior design Singapore tips on how to make a small room look much bigger.

Use light colors and be smart with contrasts.

Colors, provided you use them wisely, can make a huge difference to a small room. For instance, icy blues and cream make an excellent combination. In general, light colors tend to make a small room look more spacious and brighter too. If you want to achieve an open and airy feel to a

space, interior design Singapore pros advise you to use light and bright colors on the walls.

According to interior design Singapore experts, blue and green in soft tones can make your rooms look brighter. And brighter is better because it makes the room more inviting. It also provides the illusion of space.

Take advantage of natural lighting.

Natural lighting also comes highly recommended by the interior design Singapore consultants. That’s because it offers a connection between the room and the outdoors. Through this, you can avoid making the room look limiting.

Now, if the outdoors is not exactly an appealing sight from your view, place potted flowers and hanging plants by the window. And if you do not exactly have large windows, you can imitate natural light with creative lighting effects. Interior design Singapore professionals are experts

in this.

Tidy up the room.

One of the simplest interior design Singapore tips that the experts emphasize is the importance of organization. A small room can look much smaller and cramped if you have too much stuff.

You do not want your things clamoring up for attention. Rather, choose one feature or area as your focal point. And keep the floor clean and tidy to create a sense of spaciousness.

Use mirrors.

The use of mirrors is also the key in interior design decorating a small space. Once you have selected a focal point, place the mirrors at angles that move towards it. This provides an illusion of depth according to interior design artists.

Finally, interior design Singapore pros remind you to be wise in your choice of furniture. Choose clever designs and multi function furniture. For instance, choose a bed with drawers that can serve as storage. These types of furniture are great space savers and they come in interesting designs too.