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Great HDB Interior Design Ideas

Your home is your pride. It is the fruit of your hard work. Your home also says a lot about you, so it is important to keep its interior clean, organized, and stylish. If you’re looking to buy an HDB home in Singapore, here are some great HDB interior design ideas that you can use.
Minimalist HDB interior design ideas
If you are building a small one bedroom or two bedroom HDB home, it’s best to go with a minimalist interior design which follows the “less is more” design principle.
• Choose a neutral wall paint or wall paper. Paint your wall white, flesh, or gray. This makes your home look more polished and spacious.
• Use simple furniture. Do not choose wood items with excessive carving, paint or design.
• Keep your color palette tight. Make sure that most items in your home come from the same color family.
• Choose a single standout piece. You can place a single pink chair or a colorful rug, which will stand out in the sea of gray, white and black. This will add an element of surprise and fun in the design.
• Incorporate indoor plants into your design. The whole point of the minimalist design is to create a Zen vibe, so bring in live plants to add texture to your design.

Remember that the goal of minimalist HDB interior design is to create a peaceful, calm and clutter-free environment. Keep this in mind when choosing the right items for your home.
Classic HDB interior design ideas
Classic interior is one of the well-loved types of interior design. It exudes a strong feel of luxury. A classic style living room makes you feel like a royalty.
• Choose a wallpaper with classic and luxurious feel. You can use a wallpaper with floral or lace outlines.

• Use a lovely canopy bed, which makes you feel like a royalty.

• Install chandeliers in your bedroom, dining room and even in your bedroom. Chandeliers give every room an elegant and sophisticated vibe and you’ll be surprised, a chandelier is not as expensive as you think. There are a number of affordable but stylish chandeliers that you can find in your local home depot or furniture store.
• Choose classic sofas that provide superior cushioning. Make sure that your sofas and chairs look elegant yet comfortable.
• Invest in classic and luxurious lampshades. If you have money to burn, you can purchase an antique. However, if you are on a budget, you can find a classic-style lampshade in a local thrift store.
• Don’t be afraid to use furniture with floral upholstery fabrics. These items are stylish and they give your living room a homey and warm vibe.

The key to classic interior design is luxury and elegance. If you want to feel like a million bucks, give your house a classic makeover using these classic HDB interior design ideas.
Oriental Interior Design ideas
Oriental design is becoming more and more popular nowadays because it is interesting and comes with a more classic and sophisticated vibe.
• Place a bonsai on your coffee table. This gives your living room an Asian vibe.


Oriental Interior Design ideas
Oriental design is becoming more and more popular nowadays because it is interesting and comes with a more classic and sophisticated vibe.
• Place a bonsai on your coffee table. This gives your living room an Asian vibe.
• Chinese umbrellas are colorful, stylish and fun. To give your living room an oriental feel, place a string of colorful Chinese umbrellas on one of your windows.

• Chinese umbrellas are colorful, stylish, and fun. To give your living room an oriental feel, place a string of colorful Chinese umbrellas in one of your windows.
• Place porcelain jars in your living room, kitchen or dining room. These jars can cost you an arm and a leg, but they are worth it.
• Decorate your bedroom or your living room with porcelain Japanese dolls. These dolls are adorable and elegant and they give any room an oriental vibe.
Rustic HDB Interior Design Ideas
Rustic interior design is now becoming more and more popular because it brings heart and warmth to every room. It is simple and inexpensive.
• Use solid and natural fabrics. You can use canvas, wool, linen and burlap.
• Use non-polished wood. Non-polished wood is raw and interesting and it adds character to any room.
• Recycle old furniture. You can take out the wood on old furniture pieces and turn these pieces into a new piece.
• Use wooden decors that contain quotes that reflect your mood, principles or personality. This adds a little personality to your room.
Modern HDB Interior Design Ideas
This style is the most common interior design type mostly because it has a modern and edgy feel.
• Mix different patterns in one room – florals, ikats and more. You can also mix different colors.

• Use ultra-comfortable and well-cushioned sofas.
• Add some writing on your wall. You can place a quote wallpaper in your bedroom or living room.
• Use modern-style lighting.
• Warm up your rooms using mirrors.
• Create a great television viewing area in your living room where your family can watch TV or movies together.
Elegant Country Style HDB Interior Design Ideas
If you want your HDB home to have a farmhouse vibe, then you may find the following country-style interior design ideas useful:
• Use a barn door TV cover. This crafty piece is creative, unique, and it gives your living room a unique style.


• Use different types of chairs in your dining room. This gives your dining room a unique country style.

Photo Source:
• Use handmade textiles. These fabrics give your home a “homey” and “country-like” feel.
• Use pastel colors. These colors are fun, light, and easy on the eyes.
• Use classic and colorful carpets.
• Place fresh flowers on your dining table and coffee table. You can use an old kettle as a flower vase.
• Use a hand-pump faucet from the 1800s. This faucet is unique and it can be a statement piece.
• Use floral bed sheets.
• Hang wooden paintings on the wall.
• Display your most priced glasses and plates in a glass cupboard.
You do not have to break the bank to have a stylish home. All you need is a little creativity, imagination and a few HDB interior design ideas.

How to Qualify and Enjoy Your Own HDB 4 Room Interior Design

Finding the perfect home for you and your family will be exciting, but it will not be an easy task to do. Buying any piece of property is a big investment and you should never jump into it unless your mind is completely free from doubt. Since the cost of apartments and houses in Singapore is rising, the Housing Development Board (also known as HDB) has initiated a project called the Public Rental Scheme. Having HDB 4 room interioThe Public Rental Scheme allows a Singapore Citizen with comparatively lower income than most of the populace to temporarily rent a heavily subsidized flat while waiting for the approval of his Build to Order (BTO) application. With the Public Rental Scheme, he could either rent a flat with his family or on his own as an individual renter. He must also be eligible based on the criteria in order for his application for HDB 4 room interior design to be approved.


Renting as a family (Family Scheme):
– The applicant should be a Singaporean Citizen (SC)
– The household must include at least one other SC or a permanent resident of Singapore (SPR)
– Your household must consist of any of the following:
o For married individuals: the applicant and the spouse
o For single individuals: the applicant and his parents
o For widowed or divorced individuals: the applicant and children under his legal custody
o The applicant and his fiancé/fiancée
o For orphaned individuals: The applicant and his siblings (The applicant is eligible only if at least one of his parents was an SC.) his siblings, and at least 1 parent who is an SC
r design options even if you are short of budget is now possible.

Renting as an individual (Joint Singles Scheme):
– The applicant as well as his listed co-renter should be Singapore Citizens (SC).
– The co-renters should meet the following conditions:
o Both should be single and at least 35 years old of age
o Widowed or orphaned individuals should be at least 21 years of age
o Unmarried individuals previously divorced or separated from their spouses

o Individual renters should have the required legal documents to prove their marital status and citizenship. Orphaned renters
should show proof that at least one of their parents is an SC or a permanent resident.

Aside from the set of criteria above, there are other requirements that the applicant and other listed occupants should meet to qualify under the Public Rental Scheme:

– The total income earned by all members of the household should not exceed $1,500 per month.
– All listed occupants should not have tenancy agreements or outstanding rental contracts with other HDB flats.
– All listed occupants should not have any interest in any HDB 4 room interior design unit or any design, build, and sell scheme flat. Any such properties owned by any occupant should have already been sold or liquidated 30 months before filing the application for the Public Rental Scheme.
– None of the listed occupants should have had open market transactions (acquisition or selling) for two direct HDB flats. They should also not have any vested interest in any similar properties.

Here are some reasons why you and the other listed occupants could become ineligible for renting a flat under the Public Rental Scheme:
– disobedience of any rule, regulation, or policy issued by the government or the HDB
– ability of children or relatives to take care of the applicant in their own homes
– financial stability of children and relatives to provide and maintain other housing options for the applicant

The HDB will carefully assess applications for the Public Rental Scheme, taking into consideration information about the applicant, his immediate relatives, and other persons who will occupy the same property. Applications can be filed in any one of three zones, namely: Ang Mo Kio, Bedol/Tampines, Bukit Merah/Jurong, and Woodlands

Once your application has finally been approved, you can now decide on what kind of HDB 4 room interior design you would like. There are plenty of interior design companies in Singapore whom you could approach. Just discuss your preferred floor plan with one of their interior designers. They could then make a layout of what your new apartment could look like.

To catch up with the modern designs today and get that homey feeling all at the same time, you could opt for a minimalist industrial design concept.

Having a perfect balance of modern and industrial, the outcome makes the HDB 4 room interior design look simple, yet stylish. If you’re opting for HDB 4 room interior design that’s more minimalistic, you could never go wrong with a black and white pair. It is relatively easy to achieve and it gives the illusion that you have bigger space in your home than you actually do. This is because of the reflection of the light.

Scandinavian designs are also a popular choice among home owners who are looking for new HDB 4 room interior design ideas. Because it’s simple and unique, furniture and décor in this design are easy to incorporate in any room. A modern Scandinavian look can still be possible for your rooms, with or even without the need for major renovations.

If you would like something a bit more relaxing, you could opt for an urban resorts themed apartment, that could always remove the stress and help you relax after a long day’s work. This interior design concept uses neutral and earthly hues, with artistically placed furniture and decoration. Certain patterns, such as earth-toned flowers and trees, can also help you relax. Add printed Zen walls for that extra relaxing feel.

The possibilities when it comes to designing your house are endless. No matter how you would like to design your house, remind yourself to not get too ambitious. As you are not exactly in the best financial position, you will have to carefully plan on getting only what you can afford.

While HDB flats sold under the Home Ownership Scheme are intended for the owner and their families, it is not impossible for them to sublet (rent out) their apartment or spare rooms to other people. This kind of arrangement should be approved by the HDB and is subject to rules and regulations. Other SCs, SPRs, and foreigners may rent under the Subletting of Flat/Room Scheme.

LIVING ROOM INTERIOR DESIGN: Understanding the Living Room’s Interior Makeup

Here is a common instance, which occurs on an almost daily basis. An average working girl invites her coworkers to dinner at her place. As they enter the humble abode, they are immediately shown to the living room where they are greeted with warm plush sofas, an inviting ambiance and a hostess providing refreshments and entertainment.

Many designers will most likely agree that the living room is the first area where guests are shown. It is the physical embodiment of the saying “First impressions last”.

A typical living room has a couch or sofa, a coffee table, armchairs, bookcases, an occasional side table, adequate lighting, media units and various accessories.

However, in this day and age, the living room interior design has grown to be either minimal in design or constrained with the areas. More often than not, they are integrated in other areas to save space. They also tend to become more monotonous in terms of arrangement, color and layout. This is true, especially in high rise apartments where the space is designed minimally.

Living Room Interior Design

What are some ideal living room interior design layouts that you can use in both large and small spaces? What are the designer’s tricks in achieving that sensational look?

Principle of Practicality

Just because it is the first room guests are treated to, that does not instantly mean that the cost of construction should be either too costly or too low-priced. As a matter of fact, the living room interior design singaporean way must play first and foremost to the budget of the homeowner and the practicality of the interior. When designers say practicality of the interior, it means the overall size and maintenance of the area.

If the living room area is too small, it does not make sense if the homeowner places two large couches and a coffee table. That will only take up too much space and potentially make the area look and feel a lot smaller than it already is. The same applies if the area is too big and only small couches are used. That will make the area look bare and almost a waste of space. Maintaining the area will also most likely take too much time.

The second factor to consider is budget. Many homeowners spend a lot for costly furniture and accessories that they can use in decorating their living room. As much as possible, designers insist that homeowners stick to the intended budget. One may never know how incredible a living room may turn out even if it is only constructed or renovated on a limited budget.

Small Space, Big Potential

Yes, there are some living room interior design problems that cover this age old question. Does a small space equate to small living room? This is entirely half true. While having a small space gives that probable outcome, it is how the design is executed. As stated earlier, filling a small area with too many pieces can result to it becoming smaller than it already is, but filling it with the proper pieces will often produce a much better impact.

If you have a small space, you can opt for either a two seater couch or an L-shape couch. A two-seater couch gives you the opportunity to incorporate two armchairs for the classic approach. However, if the area is too constrained, an L-shape couch is more preferable, since it can give you more space to move. If you need a coffee table, you can opt for an ottoman that you can also use as a table, chair and storage. In modern design, having furniture, which also performs another function is another way to save space.

If you want to create an illusion of a bigger space, hang a mirror. You can also paint the living room walls white. That way, attention will be on the furniture, instead of the walls. It also gives the room a cooling effect. If you want a more natural feel, consider having potted plants. Their presence will allow fresh air to circulate in the interiors.

Integrated Units

Designers often say that the best living room interior design solution is to integrate storage and media units in the overall interior. Because most free standing cabinets are quite cumbersome, many modern designers feel that it is both space saving and practical to integrate or have a built-in storage unit in the interior’s walls. You can say the same for wall mounted ledges and cabinets. Aside from hiding the illusion of a hidden storage, it also allows the living room to be streamlined, thereby preventing the existence of clutter.

Living Room Interior Design

Colors and Tones

Many homeowners hear designers say the words ‘pantone’ or ‘color of the year’. Pantone is a company, which produces a wide variety of colors that you can use in interiors, graphics and fashion. Annually, they release what is declared as the color of the year. For most designers, incorporating the color of the year in the living room interior design indicates how progressive and open the homeowner when it comes to change and style. For the year 2016, the pantone colors of the year are rose quartz and serenity blue.

Homeowners can incorporate rose quartz and serenity blue in many variants, such as flower arrangements, throw pillows, frames, vases or even in upholstered statement armchairs.

Getting the Right Professionals

As much as possible, designers encourage homeowners to seek professional help in executing their living room interior design. Professionals, such as carpenters and contractors, can provide proper layouting, furniture allocation and costing. There are also those who can
provide the same services, but it is best to hire the services of those who have been in the business for more than 5 years.

These tips and tricks are the simplest ones many designers suggest to homeowners when it comes to designing their living room. The most important tip to consider is to evoke the sense of hospitality and warmth to guests when they enter the living room itself.

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HDB Renovation Ideas Singapore To Get You Started

Whether one had only just recently acquired their Housing Development Board flat, or had been living there for quite some time around, had most likely considered HDB Renovation Ideas Singapore to change the overall look and ambiance of the place, as well as to give it a more personalized touch and feel, since most Housing Development Board flat default designs are generic by nature.

HDB Renovation Ideas Singapore

Some HDB renovation ideas could transform a Housing Development Board flat and make it appear like a first-class flat instead. But before renovating one’s Housing Development Board flat, it is of utmost importance to secure and acquire all the necessary requirements, such as a renovation permit, in order to do so. This is in order to avoid possible prosecution and other potential problems in the future.

If one is planning to hire contractors and interior designers in order to implement one’s HDB Renovation Ideas Singapore its best to hire one’s that are officially accredited by the Housing Development Board itself. One thing is that they at least know what is allowed and what isn’t when it comes to renovating a Housing Development Board flat. Another thing is in order to avoid potentially running into irresponsible and unsavory contractors that operate like some sort of scam, like those who act like extortionists and would most likely ask for extra payments later on that don’t seem to be a part of what has been initially agreed upon. Always try to have the following in an agreement like a fixed budget, the time when work would start and end for the day, and other conditions in case it would exceed the initially agreed upon deadline.

HDB Renovation Ideas Singapore

Here are some HDB renovation ideas for anyone planning to remodel their Housing Development Board flat whether with the assistance of an interior designer or contractors, or going the DIY route.

1. For those who want their Housing Development Board flat to appear more spacious, apply several mirrors, as well as lots of white with accents. Mirrored walls tend to create the illusion of making the space appear wider than they seem. White, on the other hand makes a room appear larger. Using white for a background is great mainly because of its versatility and flexibility with other colors. The entire room doesn’t have to be white; however, the main walls are fine. Rather, combine it with darker shades in order to create a contrast. Alternative choices instead of white are light blue or sea shades, citrus, or even pastel colors. Light blue is the next best option to white as it creates this effect similar to the sky. Also use light-colored curtains and let them drape into the floor.

2. For pack rats and those who have a lot of stuff, a wall-mounted cabinet is recommended. Because cluttered stuff is not just unsightly and looks messy, but leaving them unorganized could make one possibly damage or lost an item and also give one a quite hard time if ever looking for something. A wall-mounted cabinet solves this problem and makes things more organized. Depending on the layout of the room and furniture, an elevated wall-mounted cabinet might be the better choice for some. Also, a sliding door is recommended for the cabinet as it saves even more space. This way objects could also be placed in front of the cabinet without the need of having to move it whenever one opens their storage shelf. Also, use folding or multipurpose furniture, like a low, rectangular cabinet that with a cushion on its top could double as a bench, or a bed that could be folded into a wall-mounted cabinet, or transformed into a sofa. Also take advantage of those extra vertical spaces. Be creative and think of whatever one could actually place in those extra spaces.

3. Housing Development Board flats appear to be getting smaller and smaller as the years go by. One solution to make out the best of it for smaller flats is to try to install movable dividers or sliding walls in some areas where division, privacy, or covering up is needed such as from the living room to the kitchen. Like sliding doors on cabinets as stated above, sliding doors on doors itself consume less space as opposed to swing-out doors.

HDB Renovation Ideas Singapore

4. Some HDB Renovation Ideas Singapore when it comes to renovating a small bathroom: an elevated wall-mounted shelf would be able to provide a lot of storage space. Much better if it would be a mirrored wall-mounted cabinet, with mirrors mounted into the cabinet door so that it would also double as the bathroom mirror. A well placed mirrored wall in the right angle in the bathroom also provides the illusion of having more space.

5. Decorating one’s Housing Development Board flat balcony: anyone could still have a garden by adding some flowers and plants and other greenery into the vertical wall on the sides. Also, make good use of the railings by hanging up more flowers there. You may even add some sort of bar-counter or table, sparing the need for an actual table in the balcony while at the same time still has more open space. A pair of chairs would also be handy.

6. Read a lot of home and interior design magazines, and also browse through the internet for interior home designs. What appears to be common sense would actually generate a lot of HDB renovation ideas. One does not always have to exactly copy what they see, only those that they want, could afford, or those that could be realistically implemented. One is even bound to discover ideas that seem so simple yet they never thought possible before.

Cost, budget, space, comfort and convenience aside, other things to consider in HDB renovation ideas are whenever one has just recently moved in are hacking off walls and replacing the flooring or wallpaper or wall color, depending on one’s preferred design or in order to match up with the renovations that are about to be made.

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Transforming the Heart of Your Home

Your home is like your body and if there is a part of it that is considered the counterpart of the heart, it is none other than your living room. Just like the heart that pumps blood and life to your body, the living room is the part of your home, which pumps life to it. Although each and every other room in your home is also unique and important, we know that if there is one part of it that you can pour out your heart and express yourself the most, it is the living room. This is where you get to express your artistic skills and creative side.
What sets the living room apart from any other room in your home?
1. Purpose
While other rooms are equally important like the kitchen wherein you cook for your daily meals, the bedroom where you sleep and the office where you work, the living room, from the word itself, is where you live the most of your day whenever you’re home. This is where you get to spend precious moments like watching your baby take his first step and watching movies with your family. The living room is also where you often sit together with your family to talk and discuss things – from the simple matters down to the serious ones, such as your teen having his first relationship or your eldest child getting his first job.
The living room is the witness to your families’ most treasured moments. This is also where you welcome your guests that is why you really want to give your living room the best design you can give because a beautifully decorated living room would not only give a warm experience to your guests, but also leave them with a lasting positive impression about you. Can you even imagine a home without a living room?
2. Space
The living room is commonly the biggest room in any home. This is the room, which needs the most amount of furniture for it to serve its purpose. This is where you get to express your creative side, such as choosing the best sofa set that will fit the color of your walls, picking a center and side table that will add accent to the ambience, choosing the right theater system that will fit its size, adding furnishings, such as potted plants that can give a cool and relaxed feeling down to choosing the carpet that can also add to the feel of your living room.
Because of its space, this is also where you get to spend activities with your family. It also serves as a playground for your children. Apart from all the other rooms in your home, this is where you get to express yourself the most because of its space.
If you want to transform your living room design into something that is simple and functional yet delivers beauty and elegance, then the Scandinavian interior design style is the one for you. It is a style that is known for being driven by functionality and simplicity. It focuses on simple forms that deliver a comfortable and relaxed ambiance.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider in achieving the Scandinavian style for your living room design.
1. Floors
This style is known for sporting bare floors unlike other designs that use carpets. Wooden floors are commonly used in this style because of its capability to produce an open and relaxing feeling for your living room. You didn’t think something bare can also be beautiful, eh?
2. Colors
Light and neutral colors are among the trademarks of this living room design. Colors, like white, cool grey, cream and light blue, produce a calm and exquisite ambiance, thus, these are commonly used for this style – from the color of the walls down to the color of the vase on your center table.
3. Lighting
One of the factors that add life to any room is the amount of natural light that gets inside. That is why the Scandinavian interior design is known for using large windows, allowing sufficient amount of natural light to get inside
4. A touch of nature
Scandinavians are known for their love of nature that is why this style is also famous for adding a touch of nature in its design. You can achieve this by adding potted plants or wood furnishing into your living room design. Having these in your living room also adds to the comfortable and relaxing ambiance that you want to achieve.
5. Furniture
Having simplicity as one of its driving principle, this style is famous for using furniture items that are not too grand, but are equally functional. Unlike other designs that lavish on big furniture, this style uses those that are compact and take up less visual space but also deliver the same functionality and also add an ambiance of elegance.
6. Fireplace
Unlike other styles that usually place the fireplace in the middle of the room, you can achieve the Scandinavian style by positioning the fireplace in the corner of your living room. In this way, it takes up less visual space and does not attract most of the attention, but also contributes a lot to the relaxing ambiance.
Considering all these factors together, you are now ready to start devising a plan for your next living room design. Just bear in mind a line from the poem by Robert Browning, “less is more”. In transforming the heart of your home, remember that you do not need to go after something, which is grand but you may opt to go for the things that are simple yet can help you achieve a warm, comfortable and relaxed ambiance in your living room. Have fun in expressing yourself and allow your creative juices to flow freely.
In this way, you can come up with a wonderful living room design, which will not only pump life to your home and be a witness to the most precious moments of your family but will also leave a positive lasting impression on your guests about you that will allow you to be proud of your masterpiece and will also give them a desire to transform their own living room.
So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and start planning the living room design that will not only be able to transform yours but also inspire others!

Transforming your Home into your Own Castle

When you were still a kid, you must have thought that only kings and queens can live in a castle. As you grow older, you would have tagged along with your parents as they visited different homes of their friends and relatives. Did you ever wonder how each home is different from one another? Not only just because of the different people living in each one, but also because of the different construction and design. Each home is a reflection of the people living in it. Each design is a reflection of who they are. This scenario showcases that you don’t need to be a king or a queen, because your home can be your own castle.
One of the most important areas to give ample time for careful planning in transforming your home is the interior design. Interior design is the art of creative designing of the interiors and maximizing the space to come up with an output, which combines beauty, comfort and functionality. Interior design has evolved through the years – from the simplest ones up to grandest, thus the factors to consider in formulating a design concept have also grown. Today, these factors include space – which defines the potential and sets the limitation, and the style – which includes the color, lighting, materials and others.
One of the most sought after interior design style by many people is the Scandinavian interior design. Its first golden age extends from around the 1940’s to 1970’s. It boomed into the business after being featured in 1947 edition of the Triennale di Milano, a highly popular design exhibition done in the city of Milan, Italy. Since then, it has emerged and became the popular design it is today.
Scandinavian interior design is loved by many because of its ability to create exquisite beauty in spite of its simplicity and purity. Scandinavian interior design is like a breath of fresh air in this modern era. It focuses on simplicity, functionality and minimalism. If you’re seeking for a style, which can deliver beauty and comfort without the need for grand ornamentals or loud colors, then Scandinavian interior is the one for you.
You must be wondering what makes Scandinavian interior design stand out from others? Here are some of the reasons why:
1. The bareness of floors
Yes, have you ever thought about how something bare can be beautiful? Well it is and it can be. In Scandinavian design, the floor gains more emphasis by minimizing the use of carpets. Wood floors are commonly used in this design because these deliver an open and relaxing feeling.
2. Light colors
Colors play a vital role in every design because they set the mood and produce the ambiance. Colors also set the tone and mood, thus, it is important to choose the right colors for your interior design. White, cool grey, cream and pale blue are the colors commonly used in this design because they produce calming effects when carefully and creatively blended together.
3. Lighting
Another factor that highly affects the ambiance is the amount of light. Perfect lighting allows the room to feel alive that is why large windows like floor to ceiling ones are common in this design to allow natural light to stream in, thereby adding life to the design.
4. The great reflection for love of nature.
This style reflects the deep love that Scandinavians have for nature. This is the reason why the use of nature-friendly materials, such as wood, is common in this design. You will also notice the use of plants and furnishings that aim to bring a piece of nature inside their homes. It also adds to the life of every room blended together with a great amount of light and perfect blend colors. It also the reason why large windows are used aside from allowing natural light to come in, but also to get a perfect view of the nature outside while enjoying the beautiful interior of your home.
5. The use of simple yet elegant furniture.
Simplicity is the driving principle of this design, thus, it is known for using furniture that is not too grand but can deliver an exquisite feeling of elegance. Some of these are white wood furnishings, antique clocks, chairs that take up little visual space and others.
6. Corner fireplaces
Other designs have the fireplace installed in the middle of the room unlike in the Scandinavian interior design wherein it is placed in the corner. They were not meant to take most the visual space and only aim to add accent to the mood and ambiance. It focuses on its functionality, which is to provide warmth during long winter nights.
7. Balcony
Since the love for nature of Scandinavians are very evident, a balcony is also common among Scandinavians homes. Aside from the large windows, the balcony allows them to get a good view of the nature outside.
8. Functionality
Scandinavian interior design focuses on simplicity and minimalism, but it does not come short when it comes to functionality. It does not use grand furnishings but those that are compact that take up less visual space but are also functional to give an open, relaxed airy feel. This style utilizes furniture that may seem simple, but are also capable to look elegant and be functional because they add to the character and lively ambiance of the design.
All in all, Scandinavian interior design revolves around simplicity and functionality for its driving principle. It focuses on creating a lively and relaxed ambiance with minimal amount of grand furnishing but does not come short when it comes to elegance. It allows you get a taste of nature while also enjoying the beautiful interior of your home. If you would like to have a home that is simple yet elegant with a good amount of nature in it then this design is the one for you.
Considering the factors above or by contacting a trusted interior designer that can help you, you may now start transforming your home into your own castle – one that is fit for a king and a queen.

Renovate to Innovate

Change is a constant factor in our lives especially with the aspect of renovation. Something that is lack luster, old, broken or boring must be renewed so that it can serve its purpose even better. It is a vital step that allows homeowners to improve their living environment. The choices that we make for renovating our homes is a crucial matter not only for homeowners but also for the people who make it possible such as the designers, architects, and carpenters. This comes to play with the renovation Singapore industry because change is a visible mark of the country.
Renovation Singapore programs help us make that critical choice wherein they shed light on what renovation is all about. Renovation is a term used for remodeling and redesigning, in this case, it involves the remodeling of structures that are worn down, outdated or simply structures that do not cater to the taste of the homeowner. This is observable in the housing programs in the country because several outdated buildings exist requiring
The real estate industry is a big part of this since the buying of already furbished structures is a common option for homeowners. When one acquires an already existing home, several structures of it may already be worn by time and wear, and thus, renovation is key not only to renew the old structure but also to allow the new owner to make it his or her own.
Renovation involves several processes and aspects:
 First is the cost for the process. Renovation Singapore costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the renovation. It is best to keep in mind that the space and its size greatly affects the cost for the renovation since the materials needed to renovate a small space is lesser compared to that of a larger one. An option to alleviate spending large amounts of money is through partial renovation. This process involves a gradual repairing and redesigning of space and takes longer than a complete renovation
 The next aspect for renovation is the design. One cannot change up a space without having a design in mind first, thus having a clear foresight for the end outcome is necessary in order to start the renovation process. There are several ways in order to come up with a design idea for a given space especially for renovation Singapore homeowners.
 First, one should consider the space he or she has to work with.
 Consider what would be the room type.
– If the space is already refurbished and it only needs a few touch ups then this would greatly ease up the designing process. Broken down spaces on the other hand require more time when it comes to designing because it needs to be reconstructed first for it to become functional.
– One should consider the design for a room based on its purpose whether it is a bedroom or kitchen etc. Once that is done, you can now come up with a design type. Designs types such as conservative, modern, retro and rustic can be used to dress up a
1. A conservative type of design often requires furniture that is simple and involves colors that are plain. The good thing to this design is it allows for space maximization and it’s pleasing for the eye since unnecessary junk and chaos is. On the other hand, its downside is the design can lead to a mediocre outcome and it may become boring on the long
2. A modern design explores the possibilities of modern technology and aesthetics and utilizes designs that cater to a more metropolitan feel. Geometric shapes for windows and panels as well as furniture with modern pop of colors, such as metallic colors like silver and gold, give a room an edgy modern style. On the upside, modern designs are full proof in the sense that they embrace the modernity of Singapore and the modern lifestyle of homeowners. Its downside would be that a room loses its traditional aspect and charm.
3. The opposite of the modern style is the retro style which utilizes designs that cater usually to the 70s or 80s era. This design type uses furniture that are colorful, hip, and retro.
4. Rustic designs for homes give a cozy feel because it provides a natural vibe that caters to the more traditional roots of home renovation. The play of culture with rustic furniture works well with this design type.
On the other hand, a rustic design can leave a room to look old and unfurnished but the charm of a rustic design is what makes homeowners opt for it.
Nonetheless, homeowners can usually opt to mix and match these design types to bring about a renovation idea that is unique and fresh catering to the homeowner’s own aesthetic. Renovation Singapore allows homeowners to choose from these design types and make it their own.
In the end, it is best to keep in mind that renovation Singapore is a growing industry in interior designing and thus having the knowledge about it first hand is best for homeowners to acquire their renovation needs. The renovation Singapore industry not only cater to home born Singaporeans but also paves the way for foreigners who want to live in the country and want a home with the necessary renovations to cater to their own culture.
Thus, this is a way to innovate the interior designing industry in Singapore because through renovation, one can make choices that could lead to great changes. These changes would inspire designers to come up with better designs, motivate renovators to produce quality homes and materials, and surprise homeowners when it comes to the possibilities their ideas can offer. Therefore, we should be more open to change because a simple thing as changing up a room in a house can lead to something that can bring more functionality in a home and a satisfied homeowners at that.