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Looking for the perfect Renovation Contractors in Singapore

If you are in Singapore and are thinking of making renovations to your home or office there are quite a number of freelance interior designers, design firms, or renovation contractors that you can get in touch with. Singapore has been on a building frenzy for years and it is no surprise that Singaporean renovation contractors are some of the busiest and most experienced design professionals in the country.
At the onset, finding a renovation contractor in Singapore can be a daunting task. There are just so many to choose from and all of them qualified to take on the work. Do not be intimidated though because if you keep at it, in time, you will find the perfect renovation contractor with the exact qualifications to deliver your design requirements.
But before you do that, and to make the search a much easier task to take on, decide on two important things first – the exact renovation design idea & the budget. Then look for a renovation contractor. You will find that it is a much easier task that way. Narrowing down a renovation contractor in Singapore that can take on the job is easy when you know what you want and how much you are willing to pay for the renovation project.
You may be asking, ‘is it necessary to take on the services of an interior designer when renovating my home or office space?’

5dceeaaccf088ddcae0c57a570d5e04a< Depending on how much renovation work you intend to do, an interior designer working alongside the renovation contractor team would be wise. If the renovation requirement is minor most renovation contractors will be able to do the work without the design guidance of an interior designer. But if it will be a complete overhaul of the condo, house or office, then an interior designer is a must. That is if you want to make sure the renovation or remodeling project is delivered according to expectations. To give you an idea on what options are out there, below is a list of ways you can connect with the perfect renovation contractor in Singapore img_7344-jpg-nggid043168-ngg0dyn-823x800x70-00f0w010c010r110f110r010t010

a. Home & Decor Renovation
Home renovation and redecorating is one of the most popular projects taken on by renovation contractors based in Singapore. Most will have style-driven, interactive websites that you can visit. In the website are listed furnishing enthusiasts and renovation professionals you can get in touch with. They also include design portfolios for you to choose from plus handy design articles that are very informative.

b. Trendy Home Renovation
If your design idea is veering more towards trendy and popular designs then visit the website of trendsetting renovation contractors in Singapore. There will be quite a few that will give you many design inspiration plus product listings, events, promotions, new product launches and most important of all design portfolios. Most of these renovation contractor websites are a one-stop-shop providing you with everything you require to plan for your home or office renovation.
c. Traditional Renovation Design
Some of the renovation contractors based in Singapore have a wealth of design ideas. Looking for the perfect traditional interior designs for your remodeling project? Consulting with a renovation contractor that’s been in business for longer than 20 to 30 years is a good place to start. They often have hundreds of thousands of makeover design photos for you to sift through. These are materials that will allow you to decide on the direction of your renovation project. Some of the information you can get from consulting with a renovation contractor are home owner’s reviews, recommendation on home size, duration of the project based on renovation requirements, renovation cost etc.


d. HDB Renovation
If you are in a Housing Development Board managed condo, house or office. Be informed that these real estate properties are under the design supervision of the HDB. This means you will have to work with an HDB approved renovation contractor doing business in Singapore with the license to renovate, remodel or build HDB homes and offices. You will find that finding HDB certified renovation contractors is quite easy and they will also have websites for you to visit for a more informed choice on which renovation contractor in Singapore you would like to work with. Some of the more popular HDB renovation designs to choose from are minimalist, contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian, etc.
e. Home Savvy Renovation Design
If budget is a primary consideration for your renovation design project, then get in touch with home savvy renovation contractors. First of all, these renovation contractors will be more than happy to give you free quotes with no commitments required. It will give you an idea on the total budget cost for your renovation requirements without denting your wallet. If you do take on the services of the home savvy renovation contractor expect the following – hefty savings on the renovation, efficient and convenient service, qualified options for choice of design, plus décor and furniture consultation. Most home savvy renovation contractors in Singapore live up to their reputation for, great design work, excellent service while keeping within a tight budget.

h. Social Media Driven Renovation Ideas
You will be happy to know that there are a hand full of design portals and social media channels that bring together in one platform interior designers, homeowners, renovation contractors, furniture & home décor merchants, and design enthusiasts. They are great places on the net to find the perfect renovation contractor for all your renovation and remodeling needs. Plus these social media design channels provide a wealth of renovation design ideas, reviews, and photos that are great research material for you to jump start your renovation project. Not to mention you can interact with the renovation contractors and interior designers directly while in the platform.
There are a wide range of renovation design ideas, interior design websites, and social media portals for renovation contractors in Singapore. It is a matter of looking for the perfect one that suits your design and budget needs.


A guide to determining the ideal interior design scheme
When it comes to designing interiors for certain buildings and institutions, the theme does not fit the intended look of the building. For example, a restaurant, which serves Mexican cuisine has its interior designed with an industrial scheme, or a Mediterranean style house has a traditional English interior design scheme. This has happened many times and it has always garnered mixed impressions from visitors, clients and even designers.
Luckily, many designers and clients have learned from these many mistakes and have come up with several guides to determine the ideal design interior scheme for each building.
The first thing many clients and designers have to consider is the overall look of the building’s exterior. Ideally, the building’s exterior will give the designer an idea on how the interior will look like. For example, if the building has full floor length windows, the ideal design interior scheme will be anything that covers the modern, industrial and minimalist look.
Here are some tips on how to determine the ideal design interior look based on the building’s exterior characteristics


Mediterranean Houses
The Mediterranean house design is based primarily on homes built in warmer climates and with a rich Spanish history. The distinguishing characters are red tiled roofs, stucco walls, the use of arches and intricate ornamental details. The ideal design interior schemes for these red tiled roof homes are the contemporary style, which complements the intricate ornamental details with the style’s softer, more streamlined pieces, the traditional style, which complements the use of warm colors and natural woods to the building’s overall look and modern contemporary, which complements the intricate details of the building with the modern take of contemporary items.


Wooden Houses
The wooden house has always been associated with the country and rustic look. If the wooden house has wrought iron for its window or accent piece, then all the more rustic. The ideal design interior style for the wooden houses are traditional, which complements the use of wood, and soft country prints, shabby chic, which softer and more feminine look is characterized by the use of pastels, woods and anything lace and soft, rustic, which makes use of classic hand carved furniture pieces and other antique elements and tropical, which makes use of indigenous furniture pieces coupled with associated tropical items.


Modern Houses
Modern houses are the current trend one sees in architecture magazines and books. It is also one of the architect’s favorite styles to create since its characteristics include floor length windows, solid walls and floating volume forms. There are many ideal design interior styles to use in the modern house. Minimalist style can be used, especially to complement the minimal designs used in the exterior. Another one would be the industrial style since it is one of the current trends.
While some of the house interiors can easily be alluded to the wishes of the client, certain interiors intended for commercial use have to coincide with an ideal style. As mentioned before, commercial interiors have to complement its supposed scheme and ambiance to attract more people.


Depending on the type of resort, the ideal style for the resort has to do with anything related to relaxation and vacation. Sometimes, resorts utilize tropical themes based on tropical countries like Hawaii, Thailand and Bali. The ideal interior design scheme for resorts also needs to include the use of natural and indigenous materials. If the resort is located by the sea, consider using Hawaiian and Coastal schemes. If the resort is a mountain resort, the use of natural schemes, such as woods and greens, fit perfectly since they blend well with the mountain’s surroundings and ambiance. If the resort wants to bring out a summer look, consider using warm colors that can also double as relaxing colors, as well as Mediterranean inspired styles. The goal for resorts is to look as inviting and rejuvenating as possible.

The one thing people want in restaurants is to experience the most authentic dining experience, and this is achievable not only through food, but also through the service and dining environment. Many people eat at themed restaurants because they want to experience a specific culture through food and ambiance, so it is only natural to show the kind of cuisine being served in the restaurant’s interior. There are some restaurants that deal with fusion cuisine or a mix of two types of cuisine. As such, fusion restaurants tend to be mixed themes or even modern adaptations of the cuisines culture.
Aside from the theme, the furniture must also be as comfortable and inviting as much as possible. If the restaurant has al fresco or outdoor dining, consider using furniture associated with the theme to give an authentic experience. If the restaurant serves Asian cuisine, it is best to make use of Asian elements such as bamboo, textiles and symbolisms. If the cuisine is contemporary, the ideal theme would be contemporary elements. The overall idea is to make the restaurants interior as authentic as its cuisine.


The office design is generally modern, but sometimes, it is often mistaken as a public establishment. The office’s overall goal is to get the workers to be as efficient as possible when working, thus, displaying uniformity as well as comfort when working. Sometimes, employers tend to incorporate playful elements to lighten the mood of workers. As much as possible, the office must be as modern and as minimal in terms of layout and style.
If the office has wide full length windows, take advantage of it by using each window as a section for each employee’s office station. In keeping with the minimal theme, integrated storage is needed to hold and contain all the necessary files.
Interiors fitted with the ideal design interior scheme stand the chance of making an even greater impact with both clients and the people who will view them. It will certainly dispel the myth of mismatching interiors and buildings, bringing out a more appealing look for the interiors.

The Most Popular Home Decoration Ideas

Picture this! There is this beautiful living room setup made of a modern L-shaped sofa, two armchairs, side tables and a coffee table. By all accounts, that’s the perfect set up. But for some, it looks completely bland. It is lacking something to bring it to life.
This is where home decoration comes into play. Home decoration isn’t limited to just the furniture pieces, but also to the accessories and how well they complement one another. There are many ways to decorate a home. And it’s not just for everyday living. It can also be for seasonal design such as Christmas, Fourth of July or even occasional parties.
Many interior solutions shops and boutiques offer a wide range of accessories such as curtains, vases, candles and holiday curios. Now come the questions. What are the most popular home decoration ideas that can transform your home to a chic haven without breaking the bank?
Let’s start with the most common ideas, followed by the most intriguing ideas.

Pillows are the most common and available home decoration accessories in the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, each serving specific area functions. For bedrooms, pillows cushion the head, adding comfort to the user as they sleep. For living rooms and other socializing rooms, they add more comfort to where they sit.
Interior designers suggest buying pillows during red tag and end of the month sales since most shops sell them at discounted prices. More so, they suggest investing in neutral colored pillowcases for daily styling and themed cases for various occasions.

A very subtle, but artistic way of adding spice to one’s interior is by employing frames and paintings. These are staple home decoration pieces that have been around even before the notion of interior design. While many would use frames of varying designs and content, others prefer using paintings of different art styles and periods. Employing a single framed painting will add a minimalist approach to a bland interior. For a more contemporary layout, consider hanging the frames and paintings in a manner reminiscent of a personal art gallery.
Flea markets and small boutiques are the best places to find varying and unique frames and paintings. Another way of having unique frames and paintings is by making your own. Many designers employ the service of local artists to make minimal artworks and the like. And the frames don’t necessarily have to be photos. They can even be message boards or even storage pieces.

These varying statuettes of porcelain or ceramic are home decoration items synonymous with period style designs. Most of these figurines are often times, souvenirs and gifts acquired during travels. The most common styles that use figurines are classical styles and contemporary styles. Although, in recent times, figurines have been employed in more modern designs.
Interior designers suggest sticking to a universal theme when choosing figurines. If the interior’s theme is a French classic, opt for figurines depicting rococo and neoclassical icons such as Marie Antoinette and painted porcelain. Thrift stores and curio shops are the best places to look for uncanny figurines at a friendly price.

This home decoration staple is considered both natural and stylish. Flower arrangements can brighten the interior just by its style and flower colors. Many interior designers decorate the interiors with stylish floral arrangements in order to introduce natural elements in the interiors. There are many arrangements such as circle arrangements, ikebana arrangements and even artistic curves.
The farmer’s market and the local flower shop are the best places to buy flowers. Consider the months when buying since some flowers are seasonal and are available on particular months. Another option is to buy synthetic flowers and have it arranged in an easily adaptable style. Many interior solution shops offer floral arrangement services when purchasing the synthetic flowers.

This inexpensive home decoration piece is often employed in intimate areas such as the living room, hallways and bedrooms. The idea of having a candle is associated with life and emotion. Candles are often used to enhance the ambiance of the room. A variant of the candles are scented candles. These are candles that have specific scents infused during its inception.
Candles can be found in boutiques and lifestyle curio shops.

This is a broad category since there are many holidays that are being celebrated and observed. Here are several holiday themed decoration ideas that can enhance the interior during special occasions.
Easter is a holiday associated with new beginnings and new ideas. The most common motifs in Easter are colorful Easter eggs, chocolate, rabbits and chicks. Designers often employ colorful pastel pillows and egg figurines in the design. An eye catching option would be having baskets of eggs as centerpieces in dining and living rooms.
Christmas is another holiday that uses decorations excessively in the spirit of the season. Common icons associated with Christmas are snow, gifts, baubles, trees, reindeers, Santa Claus, presents and the colors, red and green. Many interior shops offer Christmas themed decorations such as fringes, lights, linen, dining sets and Christmas tree ornaments. Another unique Christmas décor would be porcelain Christmas village figurines. These figurines depict Victorian era Christmas sceneries such as toy shops, frozen lakes and even Christmas trains. Collectors often make elaborate Christmas villages using various figurines. Often times, they grow each year, with a new figurine added to the collection.
Valentine’s Day is often associated with couples creating elaborate decorations to show their significant other how much they mean to one another. This is especially true in restaurants and homes. Valentine’s Day decorations include the use of the colors red, white and pink; heart motifs, roses, and classical elements. Most of the decorations are prominent in the dining and bedroom areas. Dining rooms are often decorated with roses and red and white linen with candles. Whereas the bedrooms are decorated with white and red pillows, rose arrangements and soft pieces such as lace sheets and scented candles.

Ways to Achieve Zen Interior Design

Do you always feel tired and perennially stressed, even if the workload was just a half days’ worth? Zen interior design may help. Zen is a Chinese practice, which is basically about achieving inner peace and relaxation by means of meditation and regaining interaction or connection with the self and with others.

The Basics of Zen Interior Design
Zen interior design may conjure images of neat rows upon rows of lines with lots of white and other clean looking colors. Well, that actually looks like it – but if too much white is just off putting, there is absolutely no need to insist. Zen interior design actually works with any design element any person prefers, provided he considers the basics of this kind of design.
So, just what are these so called basics of Zen interior design? Here is a cheat sheet:
• Always make use of an earth element. This could be a color, such as browns, greys, and yes, whites. Or, it could be a living thing, such as a plant. The idea is to reconnect to one’s roots, thus, seeping back at least some of the energies lost during his day to day activities.


• Space is important. The illusion of wide space makes the whole atmosphere light, airy, breezy, and gay, promoting an enthusiasm to just really sit back and relax. Are you living in a small pad? Not a problem – there are ways to fake wide space, such as obnoxiously large windows, light colored flooring, and dark roofing.

• Get some light. Light fires up, entices, and energizes. Never underestimate the power of windows and doors. Situate them in areas that allow the entrance of natural light into the room’s interiors. As for artificial lights, warm colored as well as discreetly positioned lighting can also work wonders.


• Create an aura that is flowing, just like a stream of water. An easy way would be to get a fountain installed as part of one’s Zen interior design. If this just seems too high maintenance, you can at least hang artwork that shows beach scenery. You can also make use of flowing textures on some points in the walls of the house.

Feng Shui and Zen Interior Design
It is said that a Zen interior design is best achieved by employing the principles of Feng Shui. What is Feng shui? This refers to a Chinese belief that whatever is in your house is actually what is in your life. With that said, if you want to have some luck in your life, then it is advisable for you to fix your home.

How does one design home interiors with Feng Shui? Here are some useful tips:
• For the living room, the sofa is normally the first and foremost point of interest. It does not matter what the design of the sofa is – what is important in Feng Shui is where you position it. As per Feng Shui, the sofa should always be against the wall that is farthest from the entry to the living room, which, of course, is usually the door of the house. Despite being the farthest, one should still see the door clearly when sitting from the sofa. If it is impossible to even get a wall against the sofa, you need to at least put a mirror across so the person sitting can check out what is behind him. You can also put a table console behind and put on some tall lamps to make the impression of protective fortresses.


• Position the other chairs in the living room in such a way that it allows intimate communication with the people sitting on the sofa, but not too close to the point that they keep bumping furniture as they go.

• Avoid doors and windows positioned opposite to each other. If you can’t avoid this, make sure to use curtains or blinds on the windows. You can then position a living thing like a plant in front to achieve the illusion of energy being bounced right back into the interiors.

• For a living room to radiate joy, pick a favorite treasured item and make it the center of attraction.

• To create an uplifting aura in any room in the house, light up the corners. You can achieve this by simply putting up lights on the dark nooks in the house.

• Always, always put plants. It is not just aesthetic. It is also a way to mentally force the people living there to work. How? Of course, if there is a plant, they are obligated to keep it living by always watering and pruning it.

• As much as possible, avoid pointed corners on furniture pieces in any room. Choose furniture with rounded corners or, if you can’t avoid this, just simply cut out round shapes and paste them on to the pointed corners of a piece of furniture.

• For the bedroom, try to make sure the feet will never point on the direction towards the door. The reason behind is just really superstitious – this is how coffins are pulled out in China – but there is no harm in simply following. Just always make sure the bed is positioned where the door will be fully and clearly seen. Now, what if the bed can’t be positioned anywhere else but on a “coffin” place? One can put upholstery on the foot that is a bit higher than the bed mattress, so that energy will bounce right back.


• Always make sure that the interiors are neat, especially on the bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. According to Feng Shui, these three rooms make up what is called the trinity of energy. These are where the people dwelling can draw up much of their energy. To achieve this, make sure that there is an abundance of storage options in all these three rooms. However, avoid any storage under the bed as much as possible because this should be a place where no other energies should counter. Throw away everything that is not needed, and live simply and on minimal means.
With these ideas, adding a Zen design to your home is easier.

How to design your perfect cooking space

Once upon a time, a chef invites some friends for an intimate cook and eat party. Once they arrive, they are greeted by a stylish kitchen full of warmth and positive vibes. Cooking dinner has never been so gratifying. Especially if it includes cooking and eating together.
Without a doubt, the most used area in the house is the kitchen. Three times a day for the next 365 days, the kitchen has seen it all. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and even the occasional pastries. With this volume of constant use, it is only natural that a lot of considerations are taken when designing and creating a kitchen. Considerations include the materials, the countertops, the location and of course maintenance.
With so many kitchen interior design ideas, it’s almost difficult to decide which one suits the homeowner. This is especially true with the growth of high rise condominiums and built in kitchens. Here are a few tips and schemes interior designers suggest in order to create the perfect kitchen.


When designing a kitchen, interior designers use what is called the kitchen triangle diagram. This is a strategy wherein the kitchen interior design scheme coincides with the diagram to create a fully organized kitchen. The triangle is laid out with the sink at the center and the refrigerator and cook stove on either side. This diagram adapts to all types of kitchen layouts such as the L kitchen, the U kitchen, and the island.

Many kitchens, especially the modern ones, adopt the modular kitchen design scheme. The modular kitchen interior design relies mostly on varied size units ranging from 300mm to 900mm, which are then put together to form one whole kitchen. Majority of the units are made of high pressure laminates, which is easy to clean and is abundant in supply.


The best part of modular kitchens is that they are custom built to the allocated kitchen space, giving designers a wide range of ideas such as integrated refrigerators or even pull out counters for added chopping space.
Believe it or not, there is one aspect of kitchen interior design that has challenged even the most seasoned interior designers. It is that small corner space where two cabinet units meet. This is called the dead space since nothing useful can be made of it. Many times carpenters have tried to create a use for the dead space. More often than not, it has failed.
Fortunately, there are many ways to make use of it. Consider using pantry solutions like storage lazy Susan baskets that will maximize the space by allowing more storage or a pull out pantry basket that can store twice more than the usual. Everything in the kitchen has a purpose and it is up to the homeowner how to make use of it.

The current trend of kitchens are the exposed brick, copper and rust hued industrial kitchen. This particular kitchen interior design revolves around the use of exposed brick, wood palettes and modern concrete elements. To achieve the industrial kitchen, designers suggest having an exposed brick wall in the kitchen. The units then can be made from either wood, high pressure laminates or even steel. To accessorize it, have a splash of retro elements such as colored mugs and cookbooks as well as plants.

Cooking in the kitchen requires a lot of hard work and time. Yet with the allotted preparations, more often than not, efficiency is not met. Especially when cutlery and utensils are disorganized in the process. There are many products that assist the kitchen interior design’s organization problems.
There are drawer baskets for knives, trays for cutlery and even racks for spices, pastas and cling wraps. The best thing about these products is that they can be kept in the drawer and will give the kitchen a more unified and organized look.

Sometimes, homeowners need a lot of storage and access to ingredients and other kitchen necessities. There’s also the need to showcase some of their favorite items such as vases, figurines and maybe even cook books. Interior designers suggest having overhead cabinets for maximum storage such as plates, platters and even cookpots. For both easy access and item displays, exposed shelves just above either the cooktop or the preparation area, are the perfect kitchen interior design solution.
When the homeowner is cooking and needs to reach for the spices, they simply reached to the expose shelf and take the spice from it. If they want to display a clock, but don’t want to hang it, the top most exposed shelf can be used to hold the clock. Simply set the clock to lean against the wall. It’s all a matter of convenience.

This applies for small kitchens or kitchens that want to have a little bit of a surprise factor. The best part of doing kitchen interior design is the fact that interior designers tend to think about practical and unique ways of making the kitchen truly part of the homeowner’s preference. One of the unique kitchen ideas is the concealed kitchen wonders.
If the homeowner wants to have a breakfast nook or counter, they can have a pull out type nook that is hidden in one of the kitchen drawers. Or say the homeowner has an island kitchen and wants to have an open kitchen. They can simply pull out a hidden table top on the island kitchen and guests are treated to an open kitchen scene while they sit and watch the chef cook. Having concealed kitchen wonders makes the kitchen purely unique.

Just because it is a kitchen does not mean it has to be a severe looking kitchen. Interior designers accessorize it with jars, vases, frames, potted plants and even books. They can arrange it in many ways just as long as it is balanced and appealing. The third rule of kitchen interior design is to make the kitchen uniquely the homeowner’s.

How to choose the best condo interior design

For singles, thinking of the right condo interior design may take time and may seem so difficult. It is if you do not hire someone or if you do not ask someone’s professional help. Even if you have a friend who is very artistic, interior designing is not just about art. It also needs skills and science to come up with a design that matches the personality of the owner.

Despite asking for a professional to do your interior designs, the final decision still depends on you. So, how do you know if your choices are right? How do you select the right design without making your interior designer exasperated with your options?


The first in the list of your condo interior design agenda is selecting a bedroom design. This is a top priority since a bedroom is a safe haven for everyone. Thus, you would want to sleep in a bedroom where you are comfortable. Color and ambiance are the two big factors in considering the design of your bedroom.

Choose colors that you are comfortable with. It would be better to choose your favorite color. Then, ask your interior designer to infuse other colors to make it livelier and yet comfy.

The ambiance of a bedroom is a personal preference. Thus, do not let your designer intimidate you when communicating what you want for your bedroom. It is your house and your bedroom. Even if you are not professional or know nothing of interior designing, your interior designer should not take advantage of this fact. Your interior designer should be able to understand what you want.


The second in the list is selecting the design for your living room. Your living room is where you accept visitors. Although it is your house and no one should really care what you do to your living room, this part of the house should also be friendly.

No one wants to enter a living room where the first decorative item one sees is a statue of your dead pet or a myriad of your selfie pictures. Thus, in thinking the best condo interior design for your living room, be considerate of your visitors and at the same time make them comfortable in your home.
What happen to the principle of showing your personality? Honestly, this principle is only applicable in the bedroom, in your kitchen and in your personal space (the library, an art room or an entertainment room).

The third on the list is deciding the style and design of your kitchen. If you love cooking and spend a lot of time cooking, this one would be second in your list. The kitchen for some is their safe haven where they manifest their personalities. The important factors to consider in choosing the condo interior design for your kitchen are the utilities and equipment installed, the overall aesthetic value, and the ambiance.


For those who love cooking, their kitchen is one of the costliest among the rooms to be decorated because of the kitchen utensils and equipment that are placed in the room. Thus, if you have the budget, go ahead and buy the most sophisticated but necessary items for your cooking needs.

The duty of the interior designer is to see to it that space is used appropriately and efficiently. A good kitchen design, after all, entails ease of movement plus the feel of cleanliness at first glance. It should look organize.

The fourth on the list is whether to add a special room where you can be whatever you want to be. This room may either be an entertainment room, a library, an art room, a collectibles display room or anything you want. However, the big hindrances are space and budget. Space can be an issue if you are living in an HDB unit.

Now, that you have everything in a list, the next question to answer, should the rooms be coordinated or have similar themes? The answer depends on you. If you want the condo interior design to be the same in all the rooms, you can.

The next problem to tackle is to ask if an interior designer can do that for you and how much does it cost to get the design you want. In choosing the right interior designer, make sure that the designer can capture what you want and be able to execute it.
The second factor to consider is to determine whether you can afford the condo interior design that you want. If you cannot afford but still want the same design, request your designer to give you alternatives.

When no affordable alternative is available for your desired interior design, be flexible. Save up enough money to avail of the interior design that you want for your house. You can always have the interior designing done one at a time, whenever you have the budget to do so.
To make this possible, hire the same interior designer so that the outcome is good. If hiring the same interior designer is not feasible, see to it that the next designer understands your plans. Otherwise, you will come up with a design that is looking like a collage, beautiful but not seemingly organized. Although you are the ultimate “seer”, you still want a condo that you can show to your friends, with pride.

Hiring a professional to do your interior design may not come cheap but the outcome is good and worth it. You will have a house that is well coordinated and well planned. Thus, choosing the right designer is imperative. You should consider experience and the quality of the service.
Before engaging a designer’s services, make sure you have done the necessary researches. Study the designer’s portfolio. Ask for any references to ensure that the quality that the designer has placed in the portfolio is real.

Condo interior design is both an art and science. The designer you choose should be able to convey in the designs he presents to you. You can easily spot a good designer if he knows what you want.

A WORLD OF DREAMS AND SANCTUARY:Designer’s tips to creating the perfect bedroom

We all have that one friend who simply can’t leave the bedroom. In fact, the only thing they can think of when they wake up is when they’ll go back to their private bedrooms.

And who would not want that? Many interior designers would say that the most challenging interior to design would be the bedroom. Now while many would say that designing a bedroom is easy, there is more to it. For starters, the consideration of the user’s anthropometric requirements as well as the psychological need to feel at ease.

Many psychologists would say that the bedroom is an indirect way of revealing the personality of a person. For example, a bed that has many pillows indicates a person who needs daily reassurance. Or a bedroom that has pure white walls and minimal furniture indicates a person who is straightforward and blunt.

There are many bedroom interior design tips and ideas that help enhance the bedroom. Here are several ideas and tricks to make the bedroom a truly special sanctuary.

What’s more gratifying than waking up to a glorious morning? Waking up with bed buddies of course! No, they’re not real people. Bed Buddies are simply pillows stacked on the bed to guarantee maximum comfort and relaxation. This bedroom interior design accessory had made its long journey from the standard 2 pillow requirement to the multiple pillow use. Pillows such as bolster pillows and cushions make very comfortable bed buddies. The overall goal is to make the homeowner feel more comfortable while sleeping.

This is a common problem when the residence is quite small. Sometimes the bedroom might become the living room. The best solution to this bedroom interior design problem is to have furniture that serves two functions. A sofa bed is the perfect furniture piece for intimate room transformations. By day, it is a sofa for a small gathering to watch movies. At night, the sofa becomes the bed by simply folding the backrest at the seat’s level.
There are sofa beds whose compartments are hidden in the armrests. These compartments can store the pillows and duvet among all other bed requirements. An ideal piece of living, bedroom and office furniture would be a stool that doubles as a side table. Another ingenious furniture piece would be built in bookcase with a corner allotted for a small desk or TV unit. It’s all about perception and practicality.


This is a cliché scenario. The most neglected portion of the bedroom is the closet. There are many moments when homeowners simply stash their belongings in the closet without considering simple organization. An accepted rule of bedroom interior design is to make everything as organized as possible. There are many ways to organize the closet.
Many would favor hanging their dress shirts and dresses on the racks and folding and stacking the shirts in a color coordinated system. Others would hang their clothes straight away on racks. Interior designers suggest employing various methods of organizing one’s closet such as the Konmari method. The ultimate goal of organizing the closet is to give the homeowner maximum efficiency in managing their belongings.

One of the most underrated bedroom interior design accessories are the linens. Many would simply buy the bed linens because it’s readily available. But not many realize just how crucial bed linens are in making the overall bedroom interior design perfect.
When choosing the linens, make sure the linens are made out of percale or cotton. Also take note of the thread count in the linen packaging. A linen that has a 200 thread count gives the sensation of a sleek button down shirt. Ideally, the higher the thread count, the denser and heavier the linen would be. Having heavier linen would guarantee durable beddings and comfortable sensations when resting.

Give the bedroom walls something to look at. While many bedroom interior design walls have one singular color, many interior designers suggest that by having a statement or feature wall, the bedroom’s overall design is further enhanced. Statement walls can be either one different colored wall, wallpapers with prints ranging from natural prints to modern prints and construction elements such as brick, cement and wood.
Statement walls often blend well with any bedroom interior design theme. For example, a vintage themed bedroom would have a vintage newspaper print wallpaper with the minimal bed placed against it. The bed’s linens would then match the scheme of the wall to give that vintage appeal. A bedroom that intends to speak of the owner’s tastes must, like how one would do when meeting an important person, put its best foot forward.

Believe it or not, there are many ways to add more storage without making the bedroom look too cluttered. If there is space under the bed, make use of small crates and boxes and store shoes, books and even documents in them. Then simply label them according to the contents and slide them under the bed.
If the need for a file cabinet is in order, but can’t afford one let alone have space for it, use the boxes and stack them up so to make a makeshift open cabinet. Then place the stacked boxes under the desk. If there is space in the closet for shoes, simply place the shoe rack in the closet and arrange the shoes there neatly. The key is, if the space allows it, try to make use of it as much as possible.

The most common element one sees in a bedroom interior design scheme is the potted plant. Many interior designers and scientists agree that by having a potted plant in the room, the production of oxygen increases, especially at night, and it is distributed throughout the room. This grants the homeowner a healthy and well rested night.

There are many ideas for the bedroom. One just needs to have a perceptive mind and a desire for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Carpenters is accredited with CASETRUST-RCMA !

In recent times, the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) and Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association (RCMA) launched a joint accreditation scheme for renovation businesses.

Do you have an impression of what this scheme is? Let Carpenters break it down for you to understand. To start with, Carpenters is proud to present we are one of the NINE COMPANIES ONLY in Singapore to be awarded and accredited with RCMA-CASETRUST !

List of Accredited companies for RCMA CASETRUST


With all the renovation complaints lately over the past years gathered by CASE, more customers have been facing renovation nightmares instead of their dream home. Home renovation is one of the largest expenses subjected by consumers to pay a hefty deposit before a project is completed.

A non accredited company could give you a quotation that fits nicely within your budget or even lower than an accredited company that can also fit your budget too. BUT the difference between these companies is should the non accredited company close down you don’t get your refund back! What a nightmare!

For Carpenters to be accredited with this scheme, it also ensures that we provide top notch materials and services, so you get what you pay for!We are subjected to a stringent set of criteria, such as trained and ethical sales staff, with clearly articulated and documented policies on fees and fee refund, as well as compulsory on-site workmanship assessment to be conducted by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore.

Link : Straits time News on renovation nightmare

These news have definitely muddled many consumers fearing they would approach the wrong company. With Carpenters, you would never go wrong because we are accredited with this scheme!

With this new accreditation scheme, it ensures that consumers are protected against the closure, winding up and/or liquidation of the renovation business through a deposit performance bond that safeguards their deposit payments”. The new scheme also required accredited members to adopt a CaseTrust Standard Renovation Contract to “ensure cost transparency and accountability for listed deliverables in a renovation project”. are visibly showing that they strive to put their consumers first and ensure to that their consumers get what they have paid for.

Which means if your designated company wind up in the midst of your renovation, this scheme ensured you a 100% full refund for your money! Besides, with the criteria to ensure transparency which also certify our company provides honesty, down right to black and white to ensure we do not ‘eat’ or ‘hide’ unnecessary capital and costs from you. It highlights the fact that we are committed toward maintaining a high level of good business practices. Carpenters are also visibly showing that we strive to put our consumers first and ensure to that their consumers get what they have paid for.


Additionally, This scheme also act as a middleman should both consumer and the renovation business have conflict involving contractual value and complex issues where parties were unable to reach a settlement. Forking out a large amount of funds can be knotty, so be sure to choose the right company!

Read more about the scheme: Channel News Asia on RCMA CASETRUST
Casetrust RCMA Scheme

Be sure, be protected!

HDB Bathroom Design

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house. That’s why many people don’t give much attention on the detail and design of this room when getting a new home or flat. As long as it has a shower, a toilet, and a sink that works (and maybe a tub if the space is enough) it should be okay, right?

Wrong. In fact, the HDB bathroom design should be one of the top priorities of a budding homeowner or someone who wishes to renovate his/her living space.

The bathroom is one of the few places in the house, which requires a great deal of functionality and personality at the same time. Bathrooms with the greatest designs are those that combine maximum comfort and sanitation for the people who use it while at the same time, offering a glimpse to the personality of the homeowner.

When looking for an architect or interior designer to renovate your home, make sure he/she understands the importance of a stylish yet practical HDB bathroom design. Those who work in the interior design industry have many specializations, and one style may not cater to your tastes, so you should be clear in the beginning what effect you want to achieve and how you want your renovation to be done.

Bathrooms are among the most fundamental parts of the home and through the years, there have been a lot of variations to suit the needs of different people. Aside from the usual bathroom, which contains only the basic ‘shower-sink-toilet’ components, interior designers have invented creative ways to turn the bathroom into a fashion statement, such as adding organic assortments like plants and fixing bookshelves on the bathroom walls, turning the bathroom into a place of relaxation and leisure.

Before thinking about the HDB bathroom design, one should first define what role will the bathroom play in the house. Will it simply be a room used for personal hygiene? Or will it be something more, like a room where you can wind down after a hard day at work and feel comfortable?

After establishing what you want your bathroom to be, you can talk with your interior designer regarding how you want your bathroom to look like. There are hundreds of bathroom designs to choose from, and there is definitely one, which suits your needs. You can try looking at online catalogs for an HDB bathroom design, which resonates with your personality, and see if it works with your current setup.

No matter what style you choose for your bathroom, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to have a stylish bathroom, which works effectively for a long time.


Since bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house, it can be said that every inch of space should not be wasted. Modern trends in HDB bathroom design make use of upcycled furniture (or none at all!) to create the illusion of space in the bathroom, like wooden crates and ladders nailed on the wall to serve as shelves for personal and cleaning products. Only stuff that serve a purpose are placed in the bathroom to give space to those using it and make it less-cluttered and more relaxing.

Another simple and effective way to create the illusion of space is to place mirrors on the walls. A cheap mirror placed at the right spot can have a huge effect on the overall look of the bathroom. This is the reason why mirrors are among the most basic components of the bathroom.

Also, avoid using intricate patterns for painting your bathroom walls. It may seem stylish and contemporary, but having a background, which is too busy tricks the brain into thinking that there are lots of stuff, therefore the illusion of less space.


There is a reason why bathrooms are also called comfort rooms. Whether it is as big and grand as a 5-star hotel bathroom or as small and simple as a studio-type bathroom, a ‘comfort room’ should always make one feel comfortable, hence the name. A bathroom is not a bathroom if one cannot feel a sense of safety and comfort while having a bath or simply cleaning something. That’s why comfort should be one of your top criteria when picking an HDB bathroom design.

If you feel that your current setup lacks the comfort you need, you can improve it by simply painting your bathroom a different color. Choose a color palette, which evokes feelings of peace and calmness, like pastel colors and neutral tones, to help set the ambiance of the bathroom into a relaxing mood.


The bathroom is one of the few places in the home that you need to clean regularly. That’s why you have to consider a bathroom design, which is easy to maintain (if plan on doing housekeeping yourself). There are many bathroom designs that incorporate modern concepts of functionality and convenience, therefore giving the homeowner the benefit of easy and hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

Also, be sure to check the bathroom fixtures, like the faucet and the shower, if they are working properly. You don’t want to go rushing in just to find that the toilet is clogged and you can’t use it. Regularly checking if all the components are working properly can save you from a lot of headaches.

Of course, with daily use, these components are prone to wear and tear. Some people are too quick to decide that their faucet is broken and they need a contractor to fix it. However, while some components may break due to natural wear and tear, most of the time, the reason is only because the components need cleaning. This is usually the case for bathroom fittings such as basin taps and shower sets that just need to be washed and cleaned thoroughly to bring them back to working condition. This also applies to sliding doors and those with hinges that often just have stuck stray hair that you need to remove.


Having a bathroom, which is both functional and stylish, is achievable without minimal cost. With the right HDB bathroom design, you can have a bathroom, which does not only meet your need for personal hygiene, but also showcases your unique personality.

How to Beautify Your Home’s Interior Design with Excellent Carpentry

In today’s modern Singapore home, it is almost impossible not to find at least one piece of wood. A house’s exterior alone, contains wooden structures in the framing, walls, ceilings, and floors. Although wooden materials are essential to a house’s exterior, they can also be used to instantly beautify its interiors. If you go to an interior design Singapore forum, you will find endless galleries of design ideas incorporating wood.


The Effect of Wooden Furniture and Fixtures
There are several reasons why wood is a favorite material among interior designers and homeowners. First of all, it is practical to use. It can last for a lifetime if you use only the highest grade. Most kinds even get better with age.

It is very versatile as it can be crafted into virtually anything. Doors, shelves, staircases, tables, bed frames, you name it, wood can be used to make it. If you are not sure if you can use wood for a certain piece of furniture, visit an interior design Singapore forum and see if anyone has done what you are planning. There is a good chance that your idea can be turned into reality by the right carpenter.

As for the aesthetics, the wonders that wood can do for your home’s interior could prove to be limitless. The right combination of wooden furniture immediately adds an air of permanence and character to your house. It provides the perfect balance of formality and personality. It is both modern and traditional. These are things that alternate materials such as plastic and marble just would not be able to achieve the same way.

Whether you want a sophisticated, classic, rustic, minimalist, vintage, or contemporary look, it can all be achieved using quality carpentry. You have full control of how you want your dream house to turn out. A skilled carpenter can create wonderful masterpieces with wood.

Finding a Skilled Carpenter
Some contractors on interior design Singapore forum sites only offer services for either design consultation or carpentry. In order to get the most out of your wooden design idea, you need to find a contractor that offers services for both interior design consultation and carpentry work. This ensures that the wood work will match every other part of a given room to give you a holistic look.
For the design aspect, look for a company that is known to have innovative and trendy ideas. They must keep their designs fresh by constantly searching for inspiration all over the world. This is especially important if you plan to have a modern-looking home. Find a designer that you think has the same taste as you. You will be able to find links to the portfolios of various designers on interior design Singapore forum sites.

As for the carpentry, find a company that specializes in this field. A lot of contractors actually start out in carpentry then eventually branch out to interior design. You will be able to tell right away if carpentry is one of their passions. Look for carpenters with superior craftsmanship and keen attention to detail. Whether you have a small idea or a clear vision, find a carpenter that can turn a design exactly how you want it to.

But aside from design and carpentry work, another area of expertise to watch out for is customer service and feedback. Contractors should listen to their client’s needs, ideas, and suggestions. This will keep you on the right path to getting your desired space. You will have access to a wide selection of contractors on interior design Singapore forum sites.

How and Where to Use Wood
Home improvement is always a joint effort between the contractor and the client. It is easier to approach a contractor if you already have a few small ideas. To get you started, here are some design ideas that incorporate wood innovatively:

• Install wooden beams below your ceiling, against walls, or above door frames. This will give your house a rustic look similar to those found in farmhouses and barns. Wooden beams can be especially useful in bungalows or houses that don’t have a lot of doors. They can be installed in an upright position and serve as room partitions.
• You don’t need all your furniture to be made out of wood. You can have accent pieces such as a wooden kitchen counter, a bathroom dresser, or a living room entertainment stand. They will immediately pop out and give life to a room.
• Wooden sliding doors take inspiration from Japanese houses. They will make a home look more relaxed and welcoming. Use wooden sliding doors as the entry way to your backyard or pool area. Mount glass panels onto a wooden framing and make your house look more spacious. Wooden sliding doors can even be applied to a pantry or cabinet.
• A wooden staircase is the quickest way to get a great looking modern home. They can be constructed into several designs such as spiral, quarter turn, half turn, geometrical, or simply straight. They are very sturdy and made of material that will not rot.
• Wooden panels can be installed anywhere in your home. You can completely cover the side of your bedroom that has your bed with wooden panels. You can also cover just a specific spot on a wall and hang a painting or a picture. Do this if you don’t want to drill holes directly into your wall.
• A popular trend right now is the use of wooden fixtures. They are usually used for the hanging or pendant type of lighting. Instead of being directly installed into your ceiling, these lights are made to hang below a piece of wood. They will look great right above your dining table.

If you are ready to take your home’s interior design to the next level with wood, start by looking for contractors on interior design Singapore forum sites or carpenters design group. 🙂 You will also be able to interact with interior design Singapore forum participants who will give you suggestions and recommendations.