Carpenters : Journey at Hougang Ave 4 with Judi Lee ( Creative Consultant )


We are with Judi Lee our creative consultant who have recently completed a project on HDB resale apartment at Hougang Ave 4.
Judi met her client during a walk in during office hours who was looking for a makeover for her apartment.

Judi’s client indicated that she have been to many interior firms but not many have adequate knowledge on doing a country style inspired theme home. Fortunately with Judi who have lived in a countryside before, her background has benefited her interior design knowledge about country style inspired theme homes.
Let us take a look at her project!


The client had an image in mind and Judi have assisted tremendously with conceptualizing and layout planning for the project. Colors and theme of the house were selected swiftly in our showroom due to our large variety and choices of interior textures and layout we have showcased in our showroom allowing renovation to start as soon as possible, a definite smooth process and transaction between both parties!


The owner requested to stay in the house throughout the renovation and fortunately with Judi’s careful and detailed planning in renovating the apartment has made the entire renovation process and the owner’s stay to coincide smoothly with no hiccups.


Judi, our creative consultant graduated from NAFA and she have abundant experience in interior design, having to work in Jakarta and Europe before joining carpenters have exposed her to tremendous experience with different interior styles and layouts. She connotes that small spaces does not mean one have to minimalise the area to make it look spacious instead, knowing what you want and incorporate with what you have could do wonders to a small space and you definitely can achieve your dream home!

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