Black, White and the Shades in Between


Charcoal grey is a good color to use when using a black-and-white interior design Singapore motif for your home. The same thing can be said about using marble white.

The minimalist look in interior design today often focuses on 2 colors – black and white. If ever there would be other colors that would be thrown in, they would still be variants of black or white. Renovation in Singapore has taken note of that. If cushioned furniture would be black, throw pillows would be available in 2 colors like very dark navy blue and bright cream. The wall would be white with stencil artworks hanging on them in off-white frames. Across the room hung a plasma TV against a marble white wall. The CD and DVD rack below it is in jet black atop a cabinet in midnight black; not bad for a living room doubling as an entertainment room. Who says you have to impose strict limits on your rooms when some rooms can have multiple functions?

The mistaken notion about using black or white as motifs is being too safe in terms of interior design. Some folks realize early on that the contrast between the 2 motifs actually enhances the beauty of the room in a way that doesn’t camouflage its coordinates. For example, if you have black curtains, the best way to emphasize its beauty is by painting the walls white, cream or off-white. Now if the walls are dark colored too, there should be some items in the room that are light-colored. Have you realized why some couches stand out in the middle of the room despite the dark interiors? Chances are they are colored bright cream and you leap your way towards it. Some parts of your body end up landing on some throw pillows on top of the couch. You didn’t immediately see them because in a dark room, they are camouflaged to the couch. That is where the purpose of contrasting colors in interior design Singapore comes in. The interior design Singapore expert would like to make sure that even if the lights are off, you could still tell the curtain apart from the wall without having to touch it. That is why some plasma TV’s had to be hung on a cream-colored wall. The only way it could outshine the brightly-colored wall anyway is by turning it on in the dark room. Maximize the potentials that interior design has to offer.

Get in touch with your favorite interior design Singapore collaborator to see how black and white can be evenly distributed on your condominium unit.

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