15 Steps To Childproofing Your Home

As adults, our viewpoint to our surrounding is certainly different from a child’s. Before your infant starts becoming mobile, have a go at moving around the home to see a toddler’s viewpoint better, and start childproofing your home. With childproofing measures and greater vigilance, accidents at home can be prevented as much as possible.

  1. Eliminate messy, unsightly cables by binding them together and put them out of sight behind furniture.
  2. Window grills are a must in high-rise homes. Make sure you place furniture away from windows to prevent children from climbing on furniture and reaching windows.
  3. Children are curious climbers. Even if your bookcase is filled to the brim, it’s important to secure the bookcase to the wall as they will try to inch their way up the bookcase.Read more at www.myplace.sg